What is ExitCalifornia.org?

Exit California, LLC was established in late 2018 by two real estate industry colleagues who recognized a growing demand for assistance among Californians wishing to relocate. The creation of ExitCalifornia.org was a response to this need, offering personalized guidance to ease the apprehension associated with such a major life transition. By understanding each client’s unique needs and goals, the firm provides a structured plan to simplify the complexities of moving.

In early 2019, one of the co-founders personally embraced the journey of relocation, moving his family 1300 miles to Idaho. This experience, departing from the familiarity of Southern California, not only validated his decision but also deepened his dedication to aiding others contemplating similar changes. His family’s successful transition amplified his passion for guiding clients through their own relocations, aiming to facilitate their moves with precision and empathy.

Exit California, LLC aspires to be a comprehensive support system for those relocating, connecting clients with seasoned professionals who oversee every aspect of the move—from departure in California to settling in at the new location. This approach ensures a seamless transition, offering peace of mind and a network of support throughout the relocation process.