Is Moving Right For My Family?

Is Moving Right For My Family?

Are you tired of living in California? The Government? The taxes? The culture? The traffic? Sometimes you just need to start over and make a change. Moving out of California to a new state can often give you the new start you need. So let’s take a look at some reasons it might be time for a fresh start and how you can move out of California and start over. There’s really no wrong reason to move out of California. But here are a few of the top ones.

Career Opportunities

Some places are just more conducive to a good career than others.

If you live in a job market like California’s that is over-saturated with workers, you might find better prospects elsewhere. Not always where you think, either.

Job markets are exploding all over the country in what might have once been called “second-string” cities. Where once people may have trolled the big cities looking for work, places like Provo, Utah, Raleigh, SC, and North Port, FL are seeing job growth that surpasses the rest of the country.


This one can go one of two ways.

After a major upheaval like a death or divorce, you may want to move closer to your family for support, both emotional and financial.

On the other hand, if familial relationships are strained or toxic, you may be looking for a way to get away from that environment.

Either way, family can be a driving factor in moving to a new place.

New Adventures

You may not have a huge reason other than “I wanna”.

And that’s totally OK.

If you are in a place where you can uproot and go, do it. Very few people regret taking the chances they do, but many regret not taking chances when they had the opportunity.

Moving from California to a new state can be a big adventure. Getting to know a new town, meeting new people, and creating a new life are exciting opportunities. Don’t pass them up.

How to Move Out of California

Moving out of state is stressful. The Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory puts it at number 28 out of the most stressful situations to find yourself in. So how can you make it through without going nuts?

Pick a New Place!

First, figure out where you want to go. If you’re moving to be with family or moving for a new job, this decision is made for you.

But if you just want a way out of where you are, the possibilities are endless.

Websites like ours can help you make a decision (or at least narrow your choices).


Once you’ve decided on your new city, it’s time to put Google to work.

Get as much info on your new city as you can.

There are businesses you’ll need, like a bank, medical office, and insurance provider.

But then there’s the stuff that makes life worth living. Local food spots, meetups, social events, and museums.

Look into your new states tax policies, as well as laws that may be different and pertinent to your lifestyle.

Finding a New Home

When you consider how to move to a new state, this is probably the first thing you think of. That’s why we’re here.


Now it’s time for everyone least favorite: packing.

It’s tempting to just throw everything out and get new stuff. And if you have the means (or if the trauma associated with all your stuff is great enough), feel free to burn it all and move on. Or sell it. Or donate it. Or whatever gives you closure.

Otherwise, it’s time to start packing.

You’ll want to take an inventory of all your stuff first so you know if anything is missing once you get to your new place.

Go room by room, and label boxes in whatever way helps you identify them quickly and easily. Some people use bright tape for this, or just write in large letters: “KITCHEN”

Whatever system you use, be consistent and make sure your movers know what to look for.

Get Your Papers Together

Make sure all your important paperwork makes it to your new home.

The best way to do this is to invest in a safe or lockbox and bring it in your vehicle with you when you move. Don’t pack it. Keep it with you.

What’s included in this category?

  • Birth Certificates
  • Social Security Cards
  • Financial Records
  • Tax Forms
  • School Records


You’ll need to let utility companies at both your old and new home know about your move so that they know to turn off and turn on your electricity and water.

You’ll need to fill out a form to forward your mail as well. It’s online, and you can specify when you want mail forwarding to begin.

If your old home is going to be vacant for a bit, you may also ask a neighbor, friend, or family member to keep an eye on the mailbox for you in case anything slips through the forwarded-mail cracks.

Now Move!

You’ve picked a new place, packed your stuff, and you’re out the door!

A new adventure is around the corner, so make sure you make the most of the new opportunity.

Are you ready to move out of California now?