Move From California to New Hampshire

Move From California To New Hampshire

From the Great North Woods to the Lakes Region and Seacoast, New Hampshire provides a variety of year-round activities to enjoy like snowmobiling, boating and hiking. Known for its quality of life, robust economy and pristine wilderness, The Granite State boasts many attributes.

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Moving Advice

  • Every town and county has its own ordinances regarding permits, so after moving to New Hampshire, look at your city’s website or visit city hall for details.
  • Winter and fall usher in snowy weather with ice and slush that make moving conditions both dangerous and uncomfortable.
  • New Hampshire still has many dirt roads that are not properly marked with clear street signs. It is best to map out your route ahead of time so you do not get lost.

Change your address online. To make your move from California to New Hampshire easier, consider changing your address online. It is easy to do, inexpensive, and will ensure that your mail arrives to your new home with you.

Cities and Metro Areas

Although small, New Hampshire certainly holds its own between Vermont and Massachusetts. If you are a lover of the great outdoors and want to be close to the coast too, New Hampshire is the place for you. In the White Mountains, there are great wildernesses to explore. Moose and black bears all feature along the Appalachian Trail, so be sure to watch your step!

Great public schools makes Hanover one of the most desirable places to raise a family in the state. If you like the small town feel but aren’t quite ready to abandon suburbia, then Bedford is a happy medium. Crime levels in Portsmouth are very low and it is the sort of place where children can still play out on the sidewalk.

Other notable cities/towns include Amherst, Hollis, Durham, Madbury and Windham.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in New Hampshire is higher compared to the United States overall. However, compared to nearby metro areas such as Boston, Massachusetts, or Albany, New York, New Hampshire living is reasonable. While salaries in New Hampshire also tend to be less, the tax advantages to living in the state are considerable. There is no general sales tax or personal income tax in New Hampshire, which attracts many tourists, residents and businesses.

Factoring in the cost of housing, groceries, utilities, health care and transportation and miscellaneous expenses (such as clothing, restaurants, repairs), New Hampshire is relatively higher in all areas.

Home prices in New Hampshire have appreciated 178.0% higher than the national level from last year. Looking back three years at the median price in October 2019 compared to October 2022, prices have increased 48.9% in New Hampshire VS 35.8% nationwide.

As of October 2022, the median price for a home in the state was $418,400, which is up 13.9% above last year’s median price. Comparing prices over the last three years, we can see they have decreased -3.6% from the peak of $434,200 in May-2022.


High mountain elevations means that various regions and towns may be prone to very disparate climates. Northern areas of the state might see summer highs in the mid-sixties while southern locations can see averages in the seventies. Temperatures in southern areas at low elevations may be in the sixties to eighties from May through September, while areas further north may only see warm weather from June to August—and even less at high elevations.

Winter weather in New Hampshire leads to harsh conditions. Excessive wear and tear on homes and automobiles means that you will have to learn about the right ways to maintain your property and have the right amount of insurance to protect yourself from financial damages.


National assessment tests have shown that New Hampshire students are some of the best educated in the country. New Hampshire has a collection of both private and public schools, though choices may be limited in some areas.

Current school rankings (elementary, middle and high schools), campus and district zoning/location maps, information and reviews are available online for parents moving to New Hampshire.

There are a handful of charter schools around the state that focus on freedom, independence and accountability. Magnet schools can be found in some communities; these institutions focus on the innate interests and talents found in the students.

Homeschooling is a growing movement in New Hampshire, but parents must be careful to comply with state laws, such as testing requirements when choosing this option for their children.


  • Apply for Hunting or Fishing Licenses and learn about the applicable dates that hunting various fish and game is permitted.
  • Visit the Department of Motor Vehicle for office locations around the state.
  • Become a registered voter in New Hampshire by visitiing your city clerk’s office, with your local Supervisors of the Checklist, or, for certain individuals, at the polls. More information can be found here.
  • In some communities of New Hampshire, you can arrange for garbage pick-up with local companies. In others, the removal is arranged by the city. Some locations have recycling programs, while others may not. Check with your local government office to get the details for your area.