Not Ready To Exit?

I’m Not Ready to Exit California…Yet!

Are you one of the many people who are ready to leave California NOW, but can’t?

In our daily discussions with potential relocators, we find there are many that want to leave California ASAP, but for a variety of reasons they are unable. For those of you who are in a holding pattern, there is a strategic path forward for you.

We have many clients refinancing and using their equity to purchase an investment or second home.  What if you could buy your home outside of California now, and have it ready for you 3, 4, or 5 years in the future?  At the same time, have a renter paying down your mortgage and building your equity.  That is a win-win scenario!

If that is not an option, how about lowering your monthly payment with a rate & term refinance?  Or maybe pay off debts and lower your overall monthly obligation with a cash out refinance?  This may give you some much needed relief as you prepare for your transition. is partnered with nationwide lenders that offer the best rates and fees in the industry.

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